Marine Rescue Point Danger Unit Commander Glenda Ashby was made a Life Member of Marine Rescue NSW on the 23 November 2019.
Mr Glissan said Life Membership was the highest accolade the organisation could bestow and congratulated UC Ashby on her 20 years’ service, first in Volunteer Marine Rescue Queensland and then as part of Marine Rescue NSW. “You’re a shining light and the kind of example we want to set to other members,” he said. “We’re very grateful for the work Glenda has done. She promotes our volunteers, well beyond the unit and has contributed to the organisation as a whole.” Mr Glissan said UC Ashby had established strong working relationships with organisations both within NSW and across the border with Queensland agencies. He said she had first run the unit’s fundraising souvenir shop before progressed through positions including Assistant Treasurer, Administration Officer, Deputy Unit Commander and Unit Commander. “Glenda’s long-term commitment and devotion to the wellbeing of the members has established the Point Danger operation as financially solid and professional and she puts a lot of work in at the coalface at the unit, too,”